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      Want to turn your backyard into a spa?

      Water features are soothing additions to any landscape, adding the calm sounds of a trickling stream or rushing fountain to your garden, patio, pool, or deck.

      Not only do they add personality and curb appeal to your space, but they also anchor the other elements of your yard and give it a focal point. When you’re ready to install one, you’ll have plenty of options!

      From ponds and water gardens to retaining wall waterfalls and vase fountains, the possibilities are as endless as the entertainment they provide. We’ll work with you every step of the way to design a feature that reflects your style and makes sense on your property.

      Reasons to Take the Plunge
      You could spend hours on the perfect landscape design and still feel that something is missing. Water features are both visual and auditory in nature, igniting your senses in more ways than one.

      The healing power of water is ancient and revered. For centuries, healers have proclaimed its spiritual, mental and physical health benefits. No matter the size or scale of your water feature, it’s sure to offer a relaxing touch. Listen to the various kinds to find one that delivers the “water song” you adore.

      When you find the right one, you’ll also create a new home for the tiniest wildlife that live nearby. Expect to see birds perching on the ledge, rabbits taking a drink and other fauna enjoying the habitat. This makes water features especially ideal for animal lovers!

      Dealing with noise pollution from nearby roadways or neighbors? Water features offer a lovely way to mask those sounds. At the same time, they release negative ions with every drop, which can help offset the harmful effects of air pollution. Consider this another way you can “go green” with your yard!

      We’d love to help you install a water feature at your home. Check out some of our recent work to get ideas and contact us to start the design process. You’re about to spend a lot more time outside.