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      Limited on space, but still want to exercise your green thumb? Vertical gardens are the ideal solution. Both space-saving and sustainable, these structures allow you to grow a variety of plants in an upward format.

      If you have the room, plant an entire exterior wall of perennials and enjoy year-round color. This adds an instant focal point to your yard and serves as a great conversation starter. Or, affix one to your door frame and fill it with fresh herbs to inspire culinary creations at your outdoor kitchen. The best part about this type of fixture is that it makes even the smallest space feel bigger!
      The Many Uses of Vertical Gardens

      While vertical gardens add life and vibrancy to urban landscapes, that’s far from their only purpose. Plant one full of sculptural succulents or flowing tendrils to serve as a stand-in for outdoor art. Use one to disguise an unsightly or blank patio wall that you’re ready to conceal. Install one instead of a fence or hedge to serve as a living privacy screen.

      They’re also great alternatives to traditional floor planters, which can topple over, take up space and serve as stumbling blocks. Why not take that same floral design upward? You can even plant different kinds of plants in a pattern, creating an eye-catching mosaic that’s anything but ordinary.

      Want to really get the neighbors talking? Install one as a complement to your outdoor water feature. The two pair together well and create a one-of-a-kind touch that’s impossible to replicate. Vertical gardens are also stately beside:

      • Statues

      • Rock Formations

      • Decks

      Ready to make your natural space more inviting, unique and ornate? The answer could be right outside your doorstep. Check out some of our recent vertical gardens for inspiration. Then, contact us to turn your vision into a gorgeous reality.