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      Turn your backyard into a hideaway with roof structures that provide style and shade from the sun.

      Adding a roof or cover means you can feel the South Florida breeze and smell the spring blossoms while still enjoying shelter from the sun and rain. There are options for everyone, including:

      • Pergolas
      • Lattices
      • Patio Covers
      • Arbors
      • Screen Enclosures

      These extended roofs increase the visual appeal of your backyard by adding interest while also remaining practical. They also provide built-in options for landscapers to grow your garden vertically and make even small spaces feel more open.

      With shade from the elements, you also maximize your living space. Whether you envision sun loungers or a full outdoor kitchen, these roofs add real square footage to your home and provide you privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors in near-by two-story homes.

      Pergolas, arbors, and enclosures come in several styles and we also design them to contribute to your garden theme. Whether you want to build a Japanese garden or enjoy an ultra-modern minimal creation, we can design the roof structure of your dreams.

      How We Design and Build Roof Structures
      Whether your structure is a standalone project or part of your grand landscaping re-design, our unique design process ensures that your extended roof meets your vision.

      Our process begins with our state-of-the-art landscaping software. We input your measurements, desired materials and shape, and your yard into the software to create a virtual reality image of your pergola, screen, or backyard. You immediately see the impact your sheltered space has on your backyard.

      With the true representation of your design, we can then make alterations that perfect your new structure. Would you like an extension by a foot? Perhaps you want to try out different pavers. Whatever your dream, we bring it to life before we build it.

      No one will have a backyard space quite like yours.