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      Have you always dreamed of having a plunge pool and adjacent hot tub in your backyard?

      Interested in designing a pool that matches your minimalist aesthetic or your love for energy saving, eco-friendly design?

      Thinking about adding an in-ground pool and Jacuzzi to your backyard outdoor space? Do you need to be certain you can create something that’s big enough for your extended family and neighbors to enjoy?

      At Dreamscapes by Zury, no matter what your vision is, we’re committed to bringing it to life.

      Together, our team will work with you to find a way to install a pool and spa that compliment your backyard design, work within your space, and create an oasis that’s all your own.

      Whether it’s selecting the ideal pool and spa lighting, deciding between stairs and ladders, opting for beads or natural stones, and even considering adding hydro entertainment features like water slides, our team of experts leaves no detail out of the picture.

      Of course, we can also create stunning water features for your pool, spa, or combination spool such as:

      • Waterfalls

      • Rain curtains

      • Fountains

      • Bubblers

      As with all our design services, we use our cutting-edge software to create a virtual reality rendering of your dream pool, spa, and patio area. You can explore 360-degree views of your future outdoor space and make suggestions. You'll be able to ensure that the design is a good fit with your current landscaping, the look of your home, and your individual aesthetic.
      We invite you to explore our portfolio to see what we can do. Reach out to us to learn more about turning your dream of a backyard pool and spa into a reality.

      You deserve luxury. We’re committed to making sure you get it. Contact us today to get started.