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      Add square feet of pure luxury to your home by extending your living space to your backyard and patio.

      We design custom outdoor kitchens, entertaining spaces, and grilling areas to transform your yard into the beating heart of your home. Each of our custom designs mirrors the modern conveniences of your indoor personal or chef’s kitchen in a beautiful outdoor setting.

      With cooks and entertainers in mind, our team helps you make the most of your outdoor living space by fitting your outdoor kitchen with accessories like:

      • Outdoor kitchen cabinets and storage
      • Barbecue grills, side burners, and wood-fired ovens
      • Ice chests, wine storage, and refrigerators
      • Bars and casual seating
      • Formal outdoor dining areas

      Whether you dream of hosting family dinners or throwing the neighborhood’s most talked about parties, your new space will meet all your needs and add endless curb appeal.

      How We’ll Build Your Outdoor Kitchen - Our Unique Process

      We draw up each outdoor kitchen with your unique needs in mind. Each space grows organically from your existing yard or patio and includes personal touches and accents. We never duplicate our designs - no one will ever have an outdoor kitchen quite like yours!

      We start all our backyard and outdoor living projects by using state-of-the-art software to build your Dreamscape from scratch. We work with you to put each piece into place. From the materials to the brands to the accents, your personal vision is never in doubt.

      Before breaking ground, you explore a stunning virtual reality representation of your design. There’s plenty of time and space to add the finishing touches or even start from scratch if it’s not yet perfect. Want a slightly larger worktop? You can have it. Have you decided that you can’t live without a custom bar? It’s all yours.

      When your dream outdoor kitchen appears before your eyes, we work with you, contractors, and the manufacturers to bring it to life. Entertaining outdoors will never be the same again.