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      High End Landscaping

      Living in South Florida means spending countless hours outdoors enjoying the endless sunshine.

      But what happens when you can’t stand the sight of your front or backyard?

      You end up missing out on the biggest reason people move to Florida in the first place!

      At Dreamscapes by Zury, we understand how landscape planning and design can overwhelm Florida homeowners. The sheer number of possibilities for flowers, bushes, and trees (not to mention outdoor water features and lighting) makes deciding where to start difficult.

      Our landscaping designers have 15+ years of experience creating stunning oases from ugly yards or nothing at all. We work closely with you to make your dream outdoor escape a reality.
      Front and Backyard Bliss
      They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but if you only look at your home’s outdoor spaces, what do they say about you?

      Some prefer a continual flow from the inside to the outside. Others want a completely unique outdoor space that reflects their individual needs.

      Our experienced landscape designers at Dreamscapes by Zury help you identify your most important wants. Then, together we come up with a realistic design plan that fulfills all your wishes.

      It does not matter if you want to embrace the tropical feel of Florida or travel to the Far East with a Japanese-inspired Zen garden. We have tons of experience creating beautiful, customized landscapes that stick to one theme or combine many different ones.

      Thanks to our specialized 3D design software, we can visualize the various elements of your landscape before breaking ground. This allows you to easily play around with different styles and see what feels right.

      When you work with us, you get:

      • A dedicated team with experience dealing with Florida’s climates

      • Specialized 3D Software. See what you’ll get before any work gets done

      • A plan centered on usability and practicality.

      Creating your ideal home doesn’t end at the door frame.

      Contact us today to transform your boring or ugly landscape into a livable Dreamscape you never want to leave!