Complete Exterior Home Remodel In Pompano Beach

Complete Exterior Home Remodel In Pompano Beach


AFTERComplete Exterior Home Remodel In Pompano Beach, South Florida

Complete Home Remodel In Pompano Beach, South Florida

Sand-colored stucco and palm trees seemed to be a prerequisite for South Florida architecture in the past. But Dreamscapes by Zury is retiring that outdated vision and replacing it with modern, sleek, yet natural design.

This beautiful Pompano Beach home used to be the star of the street, but the colored stucco and unnatural stone began to fall flat. No longer living up to its potential, the homeowner chose to reinvent the Florida classic to a zen-like retreat. Now, instead of evoking an atmosphere of crashing waves, it invites you to dip your toes into the lapping water at the shoreline. 

Dreamscapes toned down the bold color of the house with white paint that beautifully contrasts the brown hues in the roof. By replacing the brick-patterned stone and reclaiming the front columns as a statement feature, we created a uniform aesthetic that is easy on the eyes.

Embracing the sharpness of the original architecture, we carried out the straight lines through the driveway and landscape design. Now every aspect of the curb appeal beckons you to come hither, welcoming you with wood tones balanced with rock and an ombré of greenery. To delight all the senses, a bubbling water feature calms the nerves as you approach the dark double doors.

Dreamscapes By Zury makes it our business to bring your dream home into reality. In fact, if you see yourself living in a house like this, you soon can be. This beautiful home is now for sale for the next dreamer to make their own. Contact Us today for more information on this home or how we can transform yours.