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Make A Splash: 10 Outdoor Pool Trends For 2022

Thinking about having a custom outdoor pool installed? Make a splash this summer with our list of the top pool trends for 2022.

A swimming pool can increase your home’s value by 7%.

Aside from the resale value, a pool in your backyard adds tons of oomph to your property. Not to mention all the fun and health benefits that a regular dip in the pool can accord you and your family.

If you are thinking of having one installed at your home, this is indeed a great time to do it.

Technology has made it possible to run a pool more efficiently, it has reduced the installation period, and there are dozens of designs to choose from.

If you are seriously toying with the idea of an outdoor pool, check out the top pool trends for 2022.

Here you go.

1. Spools

These are in-ground pools that combine a spa and a swimming pool. Spools can be hot or cold, and you can have powerful jets installed to reflect the level of resistance you prefer.

These pools tend to be smaller, which is advantageous if you do not have a large property. They also come in both salt and mineral or chlorine water options.
They are significantly less expensive to install as well.

Heated options are considerably pricier to maintain, but you can keep the cost low with some simple energy saving tips.

2. Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is shallower and smaller, again, great for smaller spaces.
They are primarily for cooling off, relaxing and mild exercise.

Most are built with an adjacent hot tub. This gives the therapeutic effects of cold and hot water alternation.

Placing them together also increases convenience and eases the burden on the shared cleaning and electrical system.

Plunge pools are among the least expensive and flexible pools to install.
For one, they can be deeper if you so prefer. Secondly, they can be in the form of ready-made fiberglass, which again slashes their installation time.

3. Water Features

These include waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, and rain curtains.

The waterfall still remains a favorite and incorporates more land features and surrounding rocks to make it even more spectacular.

While some might argue that the pool is enough of a water feature, having these added details enhances its visual appeal and brings in more aspects of nature.

Done correctly, it gives a dive in your pool the same feeling like diving into a natural water body in some tropical destination.

4. Beady Splash

Are you a bead person or a natural stone one? With a futuristic pool designer, you can be either or both.

Really, it does not matter. In 2022, you can customize your pool in any way you like.

When it comes to finishing, you have the opportunity to let your personality shine.

You can use these on the inner lining of your pool, and even on the steps separating your shallow from your deep waters.

Whether you pick beads or natural stones or even gems, this will add texture, art, and a whole different experience to what would otherwise be a drab pool interior.

5. The Minimalist Pool

2022 has it all in matters pool: from the extremely lavish to the extremely minimalist.

A minimalist pool comes with the splendor and simplicity of a pool. Clean lines, neutral colors, and no water features.

Its advantages are that it’s significantly cheaper. It also fits in with the renovations you might have on your property through the years.

6. Energy Savings

Now, this is music to everyone’s ears.

Aside from the costs of having a pool built in your property, the pool has running maintenance and utility costs as well.

Pools are expensive to heat. For this reason, prospective pool owners are looking into more energy efficient pools. The main cost saver is a high-efficiency pool pump.

Some of the technologies in the market today produce pumps with variable speeds. This ensures the system is not pumping at maximum full-time.

Consequently, this makes significant energy savings.

7. Light It Up

Lighting has become a key décor and renovation tip for houses. As it turns out, it works just as well for swimming pools.

While pools have always had some functional safety lights, the latest trend is installing some aesthetic lighting for sophistication.

LED lights are the go-to, both for their visual appeal and their efficiency.
These lights are available in just about any color, design, and size, meaning you get exactly what you want and what compliments your pool’s general theme.

While lighting is typically used on the steps, you can have lights accentuating your water feature, backyard and the pathways around your pool.

8. Out with the Ladders

Most people grew up with ladders as the only option to ease you into the pool.
Today, these are the dinosaurs of swimming pools.

Instead, tasteful, shallow stairs that accentuate the style of the pool are now becoming commonplace.

9. Hydro Entertainment

If you are like most people with a fairly active social life, you have been to your fair share of pool parties. And really, there is nothing not to like about them.

They are outdoors, they are conveniently held in hot summer days and nights and likely feature a barbeque.

To ramp up the entertainment value, homeowners are adding in-pool features, some of these include water slides, seats around the edges, and even funky bar stools.

This virtually creates an entertainment spot in the water. Again, there is nothing not to like.

10. Top Pool Trends for 2022: Going Green

With some effort on your part, you can build and run a pool sustainably.
One way to do this is to surround your pool with greenery. This will make your pool area cooler and clean up the air around the pool area.

There is also a myriad of environmentally friendly pool cleaning systems. Water conservation techniques such as rain harvesting are part of the course as well.

You can also look into tiles made from recycled materials such as glass. Clay and gravel are other sustainable options as well.

Ready to Dive In?

Gone are the days when pools used to be silent, cold looking bodies of water in your backyard.

As is evident with these pool trends for 2022, you can have it all. From custom designs to energy savings to green pools-it’s all doable.

With 20 years of service under our belt, we don’t just build pools; we create perfect moments.

Do you want a pool that makes your house look like an exotic destination? That’s the language we speak! Contact us at Dreamscapes by Zury and let us bring magic to your backyard.


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