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Backyard BBQ: Breathtaking Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For This Summer

Be the talk of the neighboorhood and wow em' with a luxury outdoor kitchen this summer!

From summertime fun with friends and family to just relaxing and kicking back, your outdoor space is your very own private oasis.

If you’ve been thinking of spicing up your home, you can do wonders by upgrading to a luxury outdoor kitchen.

Not only will your guests love it, but it gives you a workable space where you can cook outside and enjoy the weather. Check out these incredible ideas that’ll transform your space into a gourmet kitchen where you can cook and savor.

Cozy Up By the Fire

Often, hanging outside continues into the night so adding an awesome fire feature makes it even better. Create an inviting fire pit where you can place chairs around it. It’s a fabulous spot where everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee, an alcoholic beverage, or make a few s’mores.

When creating your fire feature, look for brick that matches your home for a coordinated look. Or, you can do something bold and select a large fire pit made of iron with decorative features.

For true luxury, consider installing an outdoor fireplace. These features look similar to an indoor fireplace and offer a spot where everyone can gather and relax. 

Bring Your Pizza Making Skills Outside

If you absolutely adore a pizza pie, install an outdoor pizza oven. Not only does this feature look impressive, but it’s also a lot of fun to use.

Try a pizza oven that uses wood to fire it up so you can create delicious brick oven style crusts. Or, choose one that utilizes gas to make it easy to pop a pie in the oven and enjoy it with your guests.

Get creative and come up with your own custom pizzas, and let your guests add their own toppings. It’s a ton of fun to do outside, and it will keep your kitchen from getting hot while you cook.

Don’t Leave Out the Bar for Your Outdoor Kitchen 

A bar is an absolute must-have for any outdoor hangout space. Whether it’s large or small, bars are lots of fun to use especially if you have friends who enjoy an occasional drink.

Install your bar permanently and make it a part of the kitchen area using a material like stone or another solid surface. This will transform the space and give it that added hint of luxury along with longevity. 

Another fabulous option is to create a round bar that’s the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. Surround it with comfortable bar stools that swivel to create a real hub that’s filled with fun and conversation.

If you plan to make a lot of drinks outside, add an outdoor refrigerator or wine cooler. Stock your bar with awesome glassware, drinks, and bar tools so you’re ready to sip and serve on a whim.

Give Your Grill a Boost

Grilling is a favorite pastime, but for a luxury outdoor kitchen, it needs to be above and beyond. Look for large grills that give you tons of cooking space so you can make a variety of delicious foods like steak, burgers, and seafood.

Your grill can also include added features like a smoker where you can make incredible barbecue. Warming sections are a fantastic option that will allow you to keep your dishes warm while you cook different things till it’s ready for dinnertime.

A high-end grill should have added storage space so you can stash all of your grilling tools and keep them close at hand. Grills with a griddle surface are awesome for making breakfast outside in the morning.

Keep Cool with Coverings

On those especially hot and sunny days, you want your guests to be comfortable. Spice up your luxurious outdoor kitchen with a nice covering that offers shade and reprieve from the weather.

A nice canvas awning adds affordable shade while creating a comfortable gathering space. Another bonus? You can pick from a wide range of colors and patterns to give your kitchen area a custom look.

If you want to give the space something truly unique, consider a pergola. These wooden structures are not only sturdy, but they’re also truly beautiful to look at. You can select a white pergola or go with something earthy stained in a rich walnut or cherry color.

Coverings also help you designate a specific area outside. For example, create a custom dining area with a nice table and chairs, and use this area for your cover so everyone stays comfy while they dine.

Accent It with Furniture

To complete the look of your outdoor cooking area, complement everything with coordinating furniture. Choose durable pieces that will hold up to the weather while offering everyone a comfortable place to relax.

From wicker and wood to Sunbrella fabric on cushions, your furniture pieces should be versatile and durable. It’s not mandatory to match, but adding furniture that looks similar will give the area a welcoming, cohesive look.

Outdoor dining benches are extremely versatile and offer a handy spot for kids to gather while they eat. You can also move them around as needed for simple, impromptu seating.

The Sky’s the Limit 

When designing your ultimate luxury outdoor kitchen, get as creative as you like. Mix and match furniture styles or add a colorful canvas covering to spice things up a bit.

Choose from massive grills to pizza ovens, fire pits, awesome bars, and more. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to designing your outdoor space, so have fun with it.

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