5 Ways Commercial Landscaping Improves Your Business Image

5 Ways Commercial Landscaping Improves Your Business Image

Think of commercial landscaping as your company’s wardrobe. You wouldn’t greet new customers in sweats and a tattered shirt, would you? If your commercial landscaping is drab, potential customers will get the impression that you don’t care or can’t afford nice landscaping. That is certainly not the business image you want to project. A beautiful commercial landscape can not only prevent bad impressions but can also draw customers in and keep them there longer.

5 Reasons Your Commercial Landscaping Makes Your Business Look Good

It’s time to take a good look at your business’s wardrobe. If your landscape looks worn, outdated, and boring, you are portraying the wrong image for your company. Here are some ways new commercial landscaping can improve your company’s image.

1) Great First Impressions

The science of first impressions proves people form opinions within 12 seconds of meeting you. The same is true for your business. If your landscaping is boring and not special, customers may think the same about your business. But if your landscape design has a wow-factor, they will be impressed with your company before they even step through the door.

2) Reduce Noise Pollution

If your business is situated on a busy street or noisy neighborhood, your commercial landscape architect can create a design to reduce noise pollution. Strategically placed trees, bushes, and even grass help to muffle sounds from the outside world. Clients will naturally feel a growing sense of calm as they approach your building. A sense of peace will also be maintained within the building.

3) Green Means Caring

What better way to show your company cares about the environment than to maintain a beautiful environment on your premises? Eco-friendliness is a huge selling point for customers these days. By having sustainable, pretty scenery, your business portrays an appreciation for nature without the need for words. 

4) Attract New Hires

A lot of your business’s image depends on your staff. Just like your customers form an opinion based on your business’s appearance, so will potential employees. The best of the best employees can be pickier about where they work. Business owners can use landscape design to create an attractive work environment that any employee would be happy to enjoy on a daily basis. 

5) Happier Employees Equal Happier Customers

Positive employee morale benefits your business on every level. When employees are happy, your company’s productivity and customer satisfaction increase. Numerous studies have proven exposure to natural beauty improves emotional health. Your employees will begin and end their day with an emotional boost by walking through your beautiful grounds. Many will even be inspired to enjoy their breaks in your gardens. These natural boosts will carry over to your customer service.

Commercial Landscape Design to Promote Your Business

Commercial landscapes should be custom designed for your locale. Here in sunny South Florida, businesses have an excellent opportunity to maintain lush landscapes year-round. But, with great opportunity usually comes competition. If you work near Parkland, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach, your business will need to up its landscaping game to outshine your competitors. Wherever your location, commercial landscaping is a win-win investment for your business.